A Bit About Rabbi Deni . .

In their own words . .

“I have had the opportunity to both study with Deni and attend her services and meditation groups for nearly 10 years. Though she has many gifts, I would like to call out one in particular: her ability to simply and eloquently articulate a practice or a principle that stays with one for an extended period of time.

Through the years, I’ve learned that the best teachers are those that are able to take complex subjects or ideas and make them easy to internalize. In so doing, Deni communicates a positive framework in which to live. Deni’s gifts are many but her singular ability to teach and lead services in a way that stays with you over time sets her apart from many other spiritual leaders.”

 Margaret Kane

“Rabbi Deni Marshall has infused a diversity of religious practices and teachings in our already inclusive and welcoming congregation. As a lay leader, she introduced members of the community to the style of Renewal Judaism through Kavanah Shabbat services and Jewish meditations.

Now a newly ordained Rabbi, she has become a role model for lifelong Jewish learning and living Jewish values. She continues to make her life a blessing as she takes a more prominent role in the congregation. ” 

Ezra Thomas Cole