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Baby Namings

One of the most joyous of life cycle events is welcoming a new Jewish soul into life and a new child into your family.

I will help you create a meaningful and special ritual for giving your child their Hebrew name and helping you celebrate your love for this pure new soul.

I’m happy to work alongside a Moyel for your new son’s Brit Milah or help you create a ceremony for your daughter, or a son who is not having a Bris, to also enter the covenant of the Jewish people.

The Brit Milah is prescribed for your son’s eighth day of life, and there is no specific time/day requirement for a naming ceremony for a girl or a boy who is not having a Bris.

If you need help in choosing a Hebrew name that honors your ancestors or family or imparts a sense of your hopes for your child’s traits and characteristics, I can help you with the research and meanings of Hebrew names.


In Her Own Words: 

“Rabbi Deni Marshall helped my interfaith family create and hold two beautiful baby naming ceremonies, first for our daughter, and 3 years later, for our son. While these were Jewish ceremonies, full of Jewish rituals, Deni made them accessible to the many non-Jewish attendees without sacrificing any richness or spirituality. 


Deni is truly gifted at creating and holding sacred spaces and helping participants feel a sense of holiness ~ whether that means feeling God’s presence, connection to each other, or connection to the natural world. At both our events, multiple people approached me afterward to tell me what a joyful and beautiful experience it was for them to attend.”

Miriam Joffe-Block


“Rabbi Deni Marshall was accommodating, flexible, and went above and beyond to ensure our baby naming ceremony went smoothly. I highly recommend her for your event.”

Kelly Johnson


As your special day approaches, you and your beloved will meet with me three to five times, in person or online.  I’ll explain all the elements of a Jewish wedding, and we’ll discuss how the ceremony can be tailored to your dreams. Your wedding can incorporate special prayers, readings, songs and music, family members, and more.

In these sessions, I also offer counseling and guidance on preparing for married life, to help you go from “the couple-to-be” to the couple and family you desire. 

I’m thoroughly comfortable with officiating for inter-faith marriages and encourage a sense of inclusivity for the ceremony. I work with interfaith families and clergy to incorporate a wide range of beliefs, customs, and traditions.  

And regardless of the details, YOU remain the focus of your wedding day!

Funerals & Shivas

Losing a loved one is often very difficult for the family, friends, and those left grieving. The process can leave you heartbroken, angry, depressed, untethered, and alone. Honoring the life and memory of your loved one is often the first step in healing, for you and many others who share your sense of loss.

I am here to help you, your family, and your community remember the life and joy of the loved one you’ve lost and help set the path for Shiva, Shloshim, and the year of remembrance. 

I meet with you and your family as soon as possible, so that I can learn about the life of your loved one in order to create a Jewish ceremony and a eulogy that honors them and to support you in creating any offerings of your own. I also coordinate with the funeral home as needed.