Meet Rabbi Deni

Rabbi Deni Deutsch Marshall, LCSW:

~ Rabbi, Spiritual Director, Therapist, Mussar facilitator, Teacher, Jewish Meditation leader

~ Provider of Life Cycle events ~ 18 Doors

Mother of two, and Savta (grandmother) to three wonderful children, Rabbi Deni brings her lifelong pursuit of spiritual wholeness to everything she does.

Having been ordained as a Rabbi in January 2023 through ALEPH, the Alliance for Jewish Renewal, she combines her vast experience with the wisdom and compassion of Judaism to help people on their own journey through life.

She has helped create special moments in the lives of so many through her Jewish renewal-style Shabbat services, officiating life cycle rituals, teachings, and group facilitation.  

Rabbi Deni received her training and certification as a Spiritual Director (also known as a Spiritual Counselor) from the Morei Derekh Program and has served ‘directees’ since 2011.

She started her counseling practice in 1997 in the Sacramento, California area, and has specialized in individual and group counseling, parenting of special needs children, relationship counseling, overcoming grief and loss, and counseling for individuals going through life changes.

Deni studied Mussar from 2009-2011 with Alan Morinis, founder of The Mussar Institute (TMI), and became a Mussar facilitator through TMI in 2016.

Her training also includes end-of-life counseling, with a focus on Jewish values during caregiving ~ and the self-care that caregivers need.

She was trained by the Institute of Jewish Spirituality as a Jewish meditation teacher and has led Jewish meditation in many different settings.

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