Mussar Facilitation

What is Mussar?

Mussar is the ancient Jewish ethical and spiritual system that became a popular movement in the early 1800s and has been enthusiastically revived to be a contemporary and uniquely Jewish social/spiritual discipline.

This ancient Jewish approach to personal ethics and values is drawn from Torah and Talmud and is both a spiritual perspective and a discipline that can transform your life.

Mussar is a practice, that focuses on Middot or character traits. A Mussar practice will impact how you relate to people in your life by mindfully working on developing and balancing Middot such as compassion, lovingkindness, truth, humility, patience, joy, and gratitude. 

Rabbi Deni’s Experience:

Rabbi Deni, trained by The Mussar Institute (TMI), has facilitated Mussar groups for adults and teens since 2016. If you or your organization are interested in having a Mussar workshop, class, or lecture, please click the (Contact Rabbi Deni Button to the right).

Mussar Facilitation - Picture of Middot Star