Rabbi Deni Marshall Teaching . . .

Applying Jewish Wisdom to Daily Life

Rabbi Deni's Expertise

Rabbi Deni has a wide range of specialties within the field of Jewish Adult Education. She currently is teaching for the Florence Melton School of Jewish Studies with an upcoming class focusing on the meaning and value of rest, and holy time in the Jewish tradition.

A Jewish Guide to Caring for the Caregiver

Deni has also written A Jewish Guide to Caring for the Caregiver, focused on helping caregivers receive the spiritual and emotional support they need. 

The Guide is based on numerous interviews with caregivers and reflects both the challenges and the blessings many have experienced in their role of caring for a loved one.

Deni explores the role of Mussar Middot, rituals, and community engagement in helping caregivers through their journey.

This is an essential new work for Jewish communities everywhere and is offered as an in-person or online workshop by Rabbi Deni. 

Other Offerings

Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days: 

~ A one-to-four session class exploring the ritual, spiritual introspection, and meaning of the High Holy Days, from S’lichot to Simcha Torah.


Halachic Perspective on Cancel Culture: 

~ A workshop focusing on Jewish. moral and ethical values in response to social media that are seemingly out of control. Using the wisdom of the Torah and Talmud and other commentators this class engages with the positive and negative aspects of social media.

If either you or your organization is interested in Rabbi Deni teaching either of these two workshops or Mussar workshops please click the Contact Rabbi Deni Button below.

In Her Own Words . . .

“I have been deeply inspired by the blessings, prayers, and lessons that Deni Marshall has shared with me over the past ten years.

Every word she says comes from the heart. I look forward to her wisdom and wonderful insights for AT LEAST the next ten years ahead! ”                          

 Harriet Gadisman