Welcome to Spiritual Direction, also known as Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Direction, sometimes referred to as Spiritual Guidance, is a practice for getting more
deeply in touch with the Divine and integrating spirituality into your life.

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Why Spiritual Direction

Why we seek Spiritual Direction and Guidance:

Discovering, deepening, or exploring a new understanding of God, desiring to integrate spirituality into your daily life. Requiring spiritual support for life transitions such as:

~ Relationship Issues & Poor Health

~ Death, Dying & Divorce

~ Exploring where God is during difficult times of loss, struggle, and pain.

~ Wanting support for developing a spiritual practice for the first time or returning to a spiritual practice after many years. 

Spiritual Direction

What Happens In A Session

A Session Includes: 

As a spiritual director, I meet with you and provide a safe space in which you can explore your spiritual life and connection to the Divine.  The spiritual director serves as a:

~ Guide

~ Listener

~ Companion helping you to discern the Divine and to integrate that awareness into your daily life and spiritual practice.

Seekers can talk about anything including:

~ Religious Practice

~ Spiritual Experiences

~ Share stories about daily life

Sessions are strictly confidential.

Spiritual Direction - Autumn Road

For Individuals or Groups

For Individuals or Groups:

Spiritual Direction Sessions can be:

~ in-person or online and typically are held once a month, focusing on discernment of your personal situation.

No Spiritual Direction groups are scheduled at this time, but if you or your organization would like to create a Spiritual Direction group, please contact me.

Spiritual Direction does not take the place of therapy.

The process requires individuals to be psychologically sound and not in immediate crises.

Exploring ways to infuse your life with meaning . . .

Have you been looking for a way to infuse your life with meaning, prayer, focus, or understanding? Do you feel that the missing element could be a lack of spiritual connection to God, to the world, and to other people?

If you are interested in finding out if Spiritual Direction is right for you, Click on the Contact Rabbi Deni Button above. 

In Her Own Words . . .

 “Deni Marshall is a thoughtful and reflective pastoral counselor, an inspired and engaging service leader, an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, and a wise and compassionate listener.

She easily integrates her clinical training and rabbinic studies in offering grounded insightful and uplifting perspectives in everything she undertakes.”                                                 Lisa B.